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Coffee & Tea Page

"cornucopia's coffee selections"
Image by CHI CHEN

Teas available at Cornucopia


Wild Raspberry Herbal Tea... Fruit & fragrance blend with the                                                                                   delightful taste of fresh raspberries. 

English Breakfast Black Tea... This hearty blend brews up dark in your cup

                                                        with rich flavor.

Earl Gray Black Tea...                Pure Burgamot oil from Calabria Italy adds a                                                         citrus like flavor and a scent of lavender.

Orange Spice Black Tea...      A flavorful blend of black tea leaves, tangy                                                             orange peel and sweet cinnamon.

Premium Green Tea...            A gentle complementative drink blended                                                                from top quality green tea leaves.

We also carry Lipton Regular & Decaf Teas

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